Mythopoetic leadership: Mary Kay & smoke

What’s Missing in Leadership Today? One answer, as suggested by Chip Jarnagin (of LatticeWorks Consulting) and Professor John Slocum Jr. (of the Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business in Dallas Texas)  is : Mythopoetics. “Mythopoetic Leadership is a framework for developing robust corporate cultures based on myths.” explains the faculty research blog at SMU. […]

“Jesus the Strategic Leader” author rises again

Major General Gregg F. Martin, author of  the classic military guide “Jesus the Strategic Leader”, has yet again risen up the ranks. General Martin [pictured here] is now commandant of the U.S. Army War College, having been promoted to that post some months ago. We have only just now learned of it (thanks to investigator […]

Grow your mind (with dolls)

“We have been unable to find literature which specifically examines doll-making within an organizational context, or as a form of leadership development.” – explain Dr. Patricia Gayá Wicks and Dr. Ann Rippin from the Department of Management at the University of Bristol, UK. To address this gap in the literature, 20 participants on an MSc. […]