Modeling What Happens to Frozen Rotating Lasagna

Things take a turn in this roundabout technical study of lasagna: “Multiphysics modeling of microwave heating of a frozen heterogeneous meal rotating on a turntable,” Krishnamoorthy Pitchai, Jiajia Chen, Sohan Birla, David Jones, Ric Gonzalez, and Jeyamkondan Subbiah, Journal of Food Science, vol. 80, no. 12, 2015, pp. E2803-E2814. (Thanks to Mason Porter for bringing […]

Spaghetti Plot Alternatives

When differing longitudinal graphs are overlayed – in order to visualise data from a large number of  sauces  sources – the results can become confusing – possibly even meaningless. The outcome, in the parlance of data analysts, has turned into a so-called ‘Spaghetti Plot’. (see pic below) But Bruce J. Swihart and his colleagues Brian […]