Dr. Pain’s Kung Fu Kicking Robot

Dr. Pain is a Reader in Biomechanics at Loughborough University, Leicestershire, United Kingdom. His 30 yr. martial arts training undoubtedly helped in the creation of a martial arts kicking robot, which aims to faithfully replicate the roundhouse kick in Taekwondo. It was developed along with Dr. Felix Tsui, also at Loughborough. Their paper, ‘Utilising human […]

Savate, s’il vous plaît: British take on French boxing

Historic footage of savate, a French style of boxing. The first film clip offers historic British commentary. The narrator says: “After the recent British heavyweight box contests, let’s take a look a the French ring, where men are men. On the left, Battling Gaston, the brutal bruiser. On the right, Pretty Pierre, who packs a […]