Hand Sanitizers, Breathalyzers, and Indications of Intoxication

Clean hands, skulduggery and/or incompetence can, if combined, lead to a muddle about drunkenness, suggests this study: “Common Hand Sanitizer May Distort Readings of Breathalyzer Tests in the Absence of Acute Intoxication,” Syed S. Ali, Michael P. Wilson, Edward M. Castillo, Peter Witucki, Todd T. Simmons, Gary M. Vilke [pictured here], Academic Emergency Medicine, vol. 20, […]

Dr. Wagenmakers disapproves (urination & drunkenness)

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a thoughtful article called “Fraud Scandal Fuels Debate Over Practices of Social Psychology“. They interviewed several people, including the irrepressibly irascible Dr. Wagenmakers [pictured here, in the photo he features on his web site]: But one methodological expert, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, of the University of Amsterdam, added a sociological twist to the […]