Roasting Faith Popcorn

“Burned Popcorn and Broken Crystal Balls: Beware of False Prophets Bearing Food,” Ed Chung, Hiroshi Nakamura and Amy Spielbauer, in Proceedings: Marketing Management Association Spring Conference 1999. R. Green, D.Varble and G. Wunder, eds.. Chicago, 1999 . The authors, at St. Norbert College, Wisconsin, report: “In the late 1980’s, Faith Popcorn forecasted the trends of […]

An Impartial Price Survey of Various Household Liquids as Compared to a Gallon of Gasoline

With the price of oil surging past $100 per barrel recently, consumers and the media in the United States have been in an uproar over the outrageous price of gasoline. In my opinion, however, they have failed to place this cost in context to other common, household liquids. Thus, I decided to perform an informal […]

Cider in Situ #2

Apple cider warmed on a stove ad infinitum. This specimen of Cider-in-Situ is a companion piece to the famous “Free-Standing Hot Apple Cider”—the original seed which grew to become the Museum of Burnt Food. Donated by Gary Dryfoos, circa 2000. (That’s an excerpt from the article “Improbable Research Review,” Published in AIR 14:4.) NOTE: A […]