Airline Upgrade Guilt – an examination

Do people with high levels of guilt-proneness tend to have a heightened sensitivity to injustices – what happens if they get an unexpected airline upgrade for example? This question has been examined by professor Anna S. Mattila and professor Lu Zhang of the School of Hospitality Management, The Pennsylvania State University, US along with professor […]

Guilt and expected guilt in the door-in-the-face technique

Read about guilt and expected guilt in the door-in-the-face technique, if that’s what you want to read: “Guilt and expected guilt in the door-in-the-face technique,” Daniel J. O’Keefe, & Marianne Figgé, Communication Monographs, 66 (4), 1999, 312-324. BONUS: The two co-authors have an earlier take on the topic: O’Keefe, D. J. & Figgé, M. (1997). “A guilt-based explanation […]

The Vegetarian’s Pet Dilemma

A vegetarian who keeps a carnivorous pet might encounter a dilemma : such as described in a (forthcoming) paper for the journal Appetite. ‘A meaty matter. Pet diet and the vegetarian’s dilemma’  The author, Dr. Hank Rothgerber, from the Psychology faculty at Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky, US, “… specifically focused on the conflict that pits […]