People Who Have Voluntary Control of Goosebumps

Of a sudden, there’s goosebump-raising research about people who can manage, using only mental means, to bring about their own goosebumps. It’s described in the study “The Voluntary Control of Piloerection,” James A.J. Heathers [pictured here], Kirill Fayn, Paul J. Silvi, Niko Tiliopoulos, and Matthew S. Goodwin, PeerJ, March 1, 2018. The authors, at Northeastern University, […]

Towards robotic goosebumps

“Although there have been many researches on artificial haptic-sensory skin and discussions of materials for facial expression, we can find few trials related to expressions on surface of robots.” Explain a research team from Dr. Tomoko Yonezawa’s lab at Kansai University Osaka, Japan, prompting them to become one of the first teams  worldwide (perhaps the first) […]