Marketing consultant’s study pleases his horse-promotion client

The German Equestrian Federation [Fédération Equestre Nationale, also known as “FN”], announces that it commissioned a study from a marketing consultant — as to whether horseriding promotes character development (in people). The FN indicates that it is pleased with the results. Here is a rough, machine-produced translation of the announcement: Riding promotes character development FN new trial Warendorf […]

The Clever Lab’s Catalytic Coordination Chemistry

Few would say that the construction of multiple nano-engineered cavities for the immobilization of catalytically active transition metals was a non-trivial task. We are talking clever technology here. And appropriately perhaps, such is the domain of Junior Professor Dr. Guido Clever (of the Inorganic Chemistry Dept., Göttingen University, Germany) who has his own laboratory at the […]