Garbling obliviousness and authenticity (cryptographically)

Lack of security in electronic communications can either be seen as a problem, or an asset, depending on your viewpoint. Either way, it’s a given that a great deal of high-end cryptographic research is currently underway. Accounts of recent progress can be found via Professor Mihir Bellare’s web page at the Department of Computer Science […]

The Index of Garbledness

Which is more garbled? “elandmatungasionthehistoryofthisgroupofislandslocatedonthe…” or “kjwptzwroplwsqgprdkdqsrgucgnrdqslugoygnqsjwptsjgxwrktg…” For English-speaking human readers, it’s fairly easy to allocate a ‘Garbledness Index’ to the passages above. For a machine though, things are considerably more complicated. P.K. Saxena, Pratibha Yadav, Girish Mishra of the Indian Government’s Scientific Analysis Group (SAG) in Delhi, clarify things in their 2010 paper ‘Index […]