Innovative Scientists Talk About Their Childhood (12): Olga Shishkov and the flopping fish

Here’s Olga Shishkov talking about some flopping fish who, when she was a child, excited Olga in a way that led to her eventual unusual career. Olga studies how maggots manage to do some of the surprising, impressive things they do. ABOUT THIS LITTLE VIDEO SERIES—This is part of a series of sessions we (David […]

Study: Alcohol Helps Young People Make Friends

This sociology study explains that alcohol helps young people make friends “Alcohol and the Constitution of Friendship for Young Adults,” Sarah MacLean [pictured here], Sociology, epub January 22, 2015. (Thanks to Trey Deitch for bringing this to our attention.) The author, at the University of Melbourne, reports: “This article examines alcohol as a technology in contemporary young […]