What else does a bear do in the woods?

“What else does a bear do in the woods?”* asks investigator Don Davis, answering his own question by alerting us to this new study: “Behaviour of Solitary Adult Scandinavian Brown Bears (Ursus arctos) when Approached by Humans on Foot,” Gro Kvelprud Moen, Ole-Gunnar Støen [pictured here], Veronica Sahlén, Jon E. Swenson,  (2012). PLoS ONE 7(2): e31699.  The […]

A Device to Deter a Bear

When a big bear approaches, some people choose to quietly stroll away. To give them an extra measure of safety, Anthony Victor Saunders and Adam Warwick Bell invented what they call a “pop-up device for deterring an attacking animal“. Saunders, a London-based mountain climber, and Bell, a California patent attorney, applied for a patent in […]