The role of flapping elephant ears in heat dissipation

Elephants are big, and they get hot. Especially in Africa. Thus, from the elephant’s point of view, there’s sometimes an urgent necessity to dissipate excess heat. Some investigators have suggested that flapping their large ears (strictly, their ‘pinnae’) could provide a significant heat-loss mechanism. (e.g. Buss, I. O., and Estes, J. A., 1971, ‘The Functional […]

New Insight into Flag-Flapping

A new French study demystifies some of what some laypersons call “flag flapping” and others call “the flapping of flags.” The researchers cite, among other influences, previous research done by Ig Nobel Prize winner L. Mahadevan (who was honored for exploring the physics of how sheets get wrinkled). Details are in: “Oblique Waves Lift the […]