The Impossible Expertise of Self-Perceived Experts

David Dunning, who won an Ig Nobel Prize for his landmark study of incompetent people who believe themselves to be competent, has now done a study about people who believe themselves to be experts. The new study is: “When Knowledge Knows No Bounds — Self-Perceived Expertise Predicts Claims of Impossible Knowledge,” Stav Atir, Emily Rosenzweig, […]

The Seer-Sucker Theory

The Seer-Sucker Theory may still be as valid as it ever was.* Read all about it: “The Seer-Sucker Theory: The Value of Experts in Forecasting,” J. Scott Armstrong [pictured here], Technology Review, June/July, 1980, 16-24. Armstrong writes: “People are willing to pay heavily for expert advice. Economists are consulted to tell us how the economy […]

Renaissance martial arts experts

If you are in need of experts, especially on renaissance martial arts, consider consulting the consultants at the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts: In our continuing effort aimed at aiding the credibility and legitimacy of this subject, the ARMA’s presents it official panel of select consultants. This distinguished list of credentialed academics, historians, and distinguished […]