How to disassemble a skyscraper (if you have the money)

The engineers who designed and built the very tallest, most skyscraping skyscrapers said very little about whether – let alone how – someone could safely disassemble such a colossus, should the need arise. About the only person who thought about it long and hard was the writer and illustrator David Macauley. Decades ago, Macauley published […]

A peculiar science awards dinner in Doha…

“You have to write about that awards dinner,” said the distinguished, drunk science journalist, lurching out of a swanky hotel-top bar in Doha. “You have to. Promise me you will.” He leaned on me and swayed, but did not topple. Six other members of the profession watched and grinned, admiring this man’s traditional, how-to-exit-a-pub form […]