Sandcastles in academia (part 3 – building and mobilities)

Following along from the question ‘What’s the point of building a sandcastle?‘ we might perhaps go on to ask, ‘What exactly is a sandcastle?’ Authors Professor Michael Haldrup,  and Professor Jonas Larsen of the Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change Space, Place, Mobility and Urban Studies, Roskilde University, Denmark, give explanations in their essay […]

Sandcastles in academia (part 2 – the point)

Sandcastles, in general, don’t tend to last. They are transient. Maybe even a metaphor for transience. Suggesting, perhaps, the question ‘What’s the point of building one?’ Steps towards answers are provided in a paper for the scholarly journal The Senses and Society, Volume 4, Number 2, July 2009 , pp. 195-210(16). Where author Dr. Pau Obrador-Pons PhD, […]