Research on burnt food: Where to go

If you want to understand burnt food—understand it better than most humans have managed to—this study by Nikolopoulos and Tzanetis is a good source of insight: “TIME-ESTIMATES OF BURNT FOOD FOR A NONLOCAL REACTIVE-CONVECTIVE PROBLEM FROM THE FOOD INDUSTRY,” by C.V. Nikolopoulos and D.E. Tzanetis, Advances in Scattering and Biomedical Engineering, 2004,  pp. 355-362. For a less […]

Museum of Burnt Food, profiled

Our colleague Deborah Henson-Conant and her Museum of Burnt Food are profiled in today’s Boston Globe: Its extensive, prestigious, decades-old collection honors cooking’s most spectacular catastrophes. In its gallery, singed, scalded and seared food is an art of accident; a curious memento to look at and tell stories about; a whimsical treatise on the inevitable […]