Boobies at Sea, with Cameras and Comrades

Today’s Boobies-at-Sea Study-of-the-Day is: “Social Interactions of Juvenile Brown Boobies at Sea as Observed with Animal-Borne Video Cameras,” Ken Yoda, Miku Murakoshi, Kota Tsutsui, Hiroyoshi Kohno, PLoS ONE 6(5): e19602. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0019602. (Thanks to investigator Robin Abrahams for alerting us to it.) The authors, include video, some of which you can watch (or, depending on how […]

The art of bird sketching reports: “Some dog walkers in downtown West Palm Beach [Florida] claim they have been attacked by a ‘crazy bird’ that swoops through the air.” The bird is described as being “black with a lot of yellow on its breast,” but its specific identity was not clear. To help identify the feathered nuisance, bird attack […]

Organic wheat: not for the birds

Global demand for organic produce is increasing by billions of dollars annually. But that pertains to human consumption. What about granivorous birds? Do they prefer organic over conventional wheat? Ailsa J. McKenzie and Mark J. Whittingham of Newcastle University addressed this question and found that: ” [ … ] captive birds in the laboratory and […]

Male quail porn stars

“Female Japanese Quail Affiliate With Live Males That They Have Seen Mate on Video,” A.G. Ophir and B.G. Galef, Jr., Animal Behaviour, vol. 66, no. 2, pp. 369—75. ( (Thanks to Elinor Lichtenberg for bringing this to our attention.) (That’s an excerpt from the article “Boys Will Be Boys,” Published in AIR 14:4.)