Barf and Jerk’s new compounds

Some years ago Tjeerd Barf and Jerk Vallgarda, and three colleagues filed an application to patent some new compounds: “New compounds,” Tjeerd Barf,  Guido Kurz, Sofia Nordin, Lars Tedenborg, Jerk Vallgarda, and Meredith Williams, U.S. Patent Application 11/050,178, filed February 3, 2005. (Thanks to investigator Cristina Ekstrom for bringing this to our attention.)

The BARF scale. You know… for kids!

A new study presents and evaluates a way for nauseated children to indicate their level of medical distress (thanks to investigator Neil Gaiman for bringing it to our attention): “Development and Validation of a Pictorial Nausea Rating Scale for Children,” Amy L. Baxter [pictured below], Mehernoor F. Watcha, William Valentine Baxter, Traci Leong and Matthew M. Wyatt, […]