Inventing an Artificial Banana (reconfigurable)

Sometimes, if one were to purchase an artificial-fruit display (for example featuring bananas) one may eventually become frustrated – in the sense that the display is not easily re-configured. Thus, one may be left with just one expensive option. “Currently, the only way to vary the configuration or display of artificial fruit is to purchase […]

Unexpected appearance of a banana in a chemical structure

This study introduces a banana into the diagram of a chemical structure: “1,3-Bis(nitroimido)-1,2,3-triazolate Anion, the N-Nitroimide Moiety, and the Strategy of Alternating Positive and Negative Charges in the Design of Energetic Materials,” Thomas M. Klapötke, Christian Petermayer, Davin G. Piercey, and Jörg Stierstorfer, Journal of the American Chemical Society, epub November 28, 2012. The authors, […]

Three Steps Toward Banana Pasta

Discoveries and inventions sometimes happen (at least apparently, in retrospect) step by step. Such seems to be true of the coming of banana pasta. First: “Unripe banana flour as an ingredient to increase the undigestible carbohydrates of pasta,” Maribel Ovando-Martineza, Sonia Sáyago-Ayerdib, Edith Agama-Acevedoa, Isabel Goñib, Luis A. Bello-Pérez, Food Chemistry, Volume 113, Issue 1, […]

Fractal bananas

• The problem – How to tell if a banana is senescent (old). • The solution – Apply fractal Fourier analysis to the banana spots. The computational method was jointly developed by the Department of Science and Food Technology, Universidad de Los Lagos, Chile, along with the Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses, Pontificia Universidad […]