Multiplicity of Authors: Quisquaters and Guillous

This entry in our Multiplicity of Authors collection features several Quisiquaters and several Guillous: “How to Explain Zero-Knowledge Protocols to Your Children,” Jean-Jacques Quisquater [pictured here], Myriam Quisquater, Muriel Quisquater, Michaël Quisquater, Louis C. Guillou, Marie Annick Guillou, Gaïd Guillou, Anna Guillou, Gwenolé Guillou, Soazig Guillou, Thomas A. Berson, Proceedings of the 9th Annual International […]

The lead author (of 976 co-authors) is not an author?

We received a strange direct message (on Twitter) from Dr. Eric Topol [pictured here], who—to all appearances—was lead author on a study that lists (approximately) 976 co-authors. Dr. Topol sent the message specifically to say that he is not a co-author of that study. The study is: “An international randomized trial comparing four thrombolytic strategies for […]