April Fools: Justified or Not Justified?

Should well-respected journalistic outlets publish ‘April Fools’ items? For Dr. Moira Smith, writing in the scholarly journal Folklore, Volume 120, Issue 3, 2009, such media hoaxes flout journalistic ethics. “On April Fools’ Day, journalists from every media take advantage of the occasion to pass off fabricated stories as news. While entertaining, these media hoaxes flout […]

The April Fool Turing Test

Jerker Westin and colleagues at the Department of Culture, Media and Computer Science, Högskolan Dalarna, Borlänge, Sweden, have, between them, developed a new variant of the now-famous Turing Test – which was the first experimental procedure devised to try to determine whether an Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine can, in fact, “think”. The new version of […]