“We Did Not Know Then What Surprises Awaited Us”

Many years ago, T.C. Poulter revealed some loud surprises from Antarctica, in the study “Arctic and Antarctic Acoustics,” T.C. Poulter, Stanford Research Institute Biological Sonar Lab, 1966. Poulter reports: …first observed in the Antarctic in 1934 during the construction of a tunnel through the very porous, coarsely crystalline snow for communication during the winter night […]

Antarctica research discovery: A mighty publishing empire

A mighty publishing empire grows (sort of) in Antarctica (sort of). Investigator Matthias Ehrgott writes: “Some time ago I wrote to you about the Antarctica Journal of Mathematics. It seems the research activity in Antarctica has now considerably expanded to many sub-areas of Engineering, Bio- and Information Technology.”  Ergott gave us a copy of this […]