Continuous Burning of Fake Feces

“May We Recommend: Continuous Burning of Fake Feces” is a featured revue article in the special Ig Nobel Prizes issue (volume 27, number 6) of the magazine Annals of Improbable Research. Read this article, free, on the web. Then, if research about improbable reality inspires you, subscribe to the magazine, or buy individual back issues.

Special Ig Nobel Prizes issue of the magazine

The special Ig Nobel issue (volume 27, number 6) of the magazine, Annals of Improbable Research, has flown its way to subscribers. It gives copious details of the 31st First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, and of the winners. This special issue, like many other special issues of the magazine, is also available for purchase. […]

A Gummy Tribute to the 2021 Ig Nobel Ecology Prize Winners

Lavie Tridhar writes, in Nature, a gummy tribute of sorts to the 2021 Ig Nobel Ecology Prize winners, Leila Satari, Alba Guillén, Àngela Vidal-Verdú, and Manuel Porcar, who used genetic analysis to identify the different species of bacteria that reside in wads of discarded chewing gum stuck on pavements in various countries. Tridhar’s tribute begins: […]

Upside-down Rhinos, and other Cornellian Ig Nobel Prize winners

Cornellians, the alumni magazine of Cornell University, celebrates some of the alumni who have been awarded Ig Nobel Prizes. The 2021 Ig Nobel Transportation Prize winners are just the latest: “When you see a rhino hanging upside down, it’s a little bit comical,” he admits. “But it makes you wonder, and then you start to […]