Ig winner’s nano breakthrough

Andre Geim, who shared the 2000 Ig Nobel Physics Prize with Michael Berry for using magnets to levitate a frog, is in the news again: A team of British and Russian scientists led by Professor Geim have discovered a whole family of previously unknown materials, which are one atom thick and exhibit properties which scientists […]

Bang! history repeats itself

The achievement that won the 2000 Ig Nobel Peace Prize for the British Royal Navy is now being repeated by the British Army. A report in the July 17, 2005 issue of The Daily Telegraph tells latest chapter: Soldiers forced to shout ‘bang’ as the Army runs out of ammunitionBy Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent Soldiers […]

The still further blossoming of Troy

Investigative reporter Phil Novak send us further details (with photos) about the newest hard-to-believe exploits of Troy Hurtubise. (Full details of these details (with detailed photos) are in the May 12, 2005 edition of Novak’s publication, Baytoday.ca): The invention, Hurtubise said, was able to see through walls, detect stealth technology and disable electronics. But there […]

Troy blossoms wildly

Investigative reporter Phil Novak of Baytoday.ca has alerted us to new developments from Troy Hurtubise. Troy is famous (and honored) for designing, building, and personally testing a suit of armor that he hopes is impervious to grizzly bears. Here is a summary of the new news (fuller details are in the May 11 issue of […]

Sneaky education in Kansas

The Kansas Board of Education is in the news again — trying, trying, trying to make students become curious about biology. The Board is still using the traditional method for making anyone curious about anything: make that subject seem somehow "forbidden." (A fascinating May 4, 2005 editorial in the Washington Times uses that same pedigogical […]

Ig on TV in China

China Central Television (CCTV) produced a twenty-minute report about the most recent Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. You can watch the complete report on CCTV’s web site. [Unrelated, yet related, note: The Chinese edition of the book The Ig Nobel Prizes is now in print.]

Dine with an Ig winner?

It sounds too magical to be true (and who knows, maybe it will turn out to be just a scam?), but for fans of 1995 Ig Nobel Economics Prize co-winner Nick Leeson, the prospect is exciting. According to an advertisement by an organization called SupperWithTheStars, you can rent a meal with him. Leeson, of course, […]

Country Music/Suicide Lecture

James Gundlach, professor of sociology and co-winner of the 2004 Ig-Nobel Prize for Medicine, presents ?Research Enters the Culture Wars: The Effects of Country Music and Abortion on Suicide? Wednesday, January 26 at noon in Foy Room 213 at Auburn University. (This news comes from a report in the January 20, 2005 issue of The […]