Science celebrity news: Glassware Prohibitor’s Progeny?

The Nigerian news site ABTC raises a curious question about 2024 Ig Nobel Chemistry Prize winner Bob Glasgow:

Bob Glasgow children: Does Bob Glasgow have kids?
By Seth Frimpong

…Glasgow, born on February 28, 1942, in Stephenville, Texas, was a trained lawyer who ventured into politics, eventually becoming a member of the Senate of Texas. His dedication to public service led to numerous accomplishments, including serving as President Pro Tem of the Senate and even stepping into the role of Governor of Texas on several occasions.

One of the more unconventional aspects of Glasgow’s career was his involvement with the field of chemistry. He received the 1994 Ig Nobel Prize in Chemistry for sponsoring a groundbreaking 1989 drug law, making it illegal to purchase laboratory glassware without a permit. This unique achievement added a distinctive layer to his multifaceted career….

The image shown here is from ABTC’s Glasgow report.