Florida, Cradle of Brazilian Butt-Lift Deaths

A tragic interplay of beauty and death led two medical professionals to write this alert for their peers:

Brazilian Butt Lift-Associated Mortality: The South Florida Experience,” Pat Pazmiño [pictured here] and Onelio Garcia, Jr., Aesthetic Surgery Journal, vol. 43, no. 2, February 2023, pp. 162–178. The authors report:

Although BBL-related morbidity is generally associated with South Florida, it affects the entire nation. Plastic surgeons and primary care providers from around the United States routinely call about their patients who traveled to South Florida for a budget BBL, then returned home with serious complications and without reasonable means of contacting the physician who performed the surgery. These issues will only worsen as the high-volume, budget clinics of South Florida are now spreading across the United States, opening offices and bringing their practice model to new American cities.