Dead Duck Day is approaching, again

Kees Moeliker reports:

Monday June 5th, 2023 is Dead Duck Day again. At exactly 17:55 h (CET) we will honor the mallard duck that collided with the glass facade of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam and became known to science as the first (documented) ‘victim’ of homosexual necrophilia in that species, and earned its discoverer (me) the 2003 Ig Nobel Biology Prize.

Dead Duck Day also commemorates the billions of other birds that die(d) from colliding with glass buildings, and challenges people to find solutions to this global problem.

After a pandemic break, Dead Duck Day is open to the public again. Please join the free, short open-air ceremony next to the new wing of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam (the Netherlands), right below the Dead Duck Memorial Plaque— the very spot where that duck (now museum specimen NMR 9989-00232) met his dramatic end.

Those who wear an original Dead Duck Day T-shirt have a chance to win a signed copy of the book ‘De eendenman’.

A six-course duck dinner, after the ceremony, at the famous Tai Wu restaurant is also open to the public (at your own expense).

During the first years of the covid pandemic, Dead Duck Day had no audience. That will change, this year, 2023.

Time & location

Monday, June 5, 2023, at 5:55 p.m. sharp, in the Museumpark next to the glass new building of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, Westzeedijk 345. Arrival at the restaurant at approximately 6:45 p.m.

History of the Dead Duck

Read Kees Moeliker’s brief writeup explaining Dead Duck Day. And/or, watch his TED talk about it:

UPDATE June 5, 2023

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