Rhizomic Digitized Surveillance Contradictions Mystery

For pure intellectual and verbal verve and daring, few fields of research rival that of Accounting Auditing Control. An audaciously provocative new example appears in the journal Accounting Auditing Control:

Rhizomic Digitized Surveillance, Contradictions, and Managerial Control Practice: Insights from the Société Générale Scandal,” by Aziza Laguecir and Bernard Leca (published in vol. 29, no. 1, 2023, pp. 7-38).

From the first word of the title (“rhizomic”) to the final sentence of the text (an 86-word single-sentence quotation from the plain-spoken philosopher Michel Foucault) it identifies, amplifies, and gives glory to mysteries that otherwise might have remained obscure.

It’s all about ambiguity-filled contradictions, explain the authors: “We question whether these contradictions are unintentional or deliberately designed to reduce control efficiency in digitized contexts and preserve certain operational practices.”