Murderous Twins Paradox, From the Wood, Alumni Decomposition

This week’s Feedback column (that I write) in New Scientist magazine has three segments. Here are bits of each of them:

  • Double Jeopardy — … Jane Ridley assesses a tough legal problem in an article with an extremely long headline: “Identical college twins were accused of cheating in an exam by signaling. They won $1.5 million in damages after a jury decided they hadn’t cheated because their minds were connected”. This kind of twins paradox becomes more consequential – and more extreme – if we up the level of the allegation. Let’s make it murder. And conjoined twins. That exact combination got six pages of analysis in the Alternative Law Journal in 2017….
  • Out of the Woodwork — … Obhrai supplied photos that show the now-unsealed wooden cupboard and some of the magazines that, like pharaohs entombed in the Egyptian pyramids for a static journey towards forever, had lain for a long time concealed within….
  • Decomposed Alumni — Feedback’s Ambiguously Titled Research Study of the Month (submissions for which are welcome) sets a standard, or a model, that higher education institutions can use as they strive to achieve total quality management and business excellence. The study is called “Developing a Decomposed Alumni Satisfaction Model for Higher Education Institutions”….