‘Polarized World’ — Tombstones, Dragonflies, and Light

Here’s a teaser video for the film “Polarized World’:

And some background info about it, from ELTE [Eötvös Loránd University, in Budapest]:


In 2016, ELTE researchers received the prestigious Ig Nobel prize for physics for the funniest research of the year  . The award-winning publication of Gábor Horváth and  György Kriska  asked a surprising question:  Why are dragonflies attracted to black tombstones?  During years of intensive research, it turned out that the answer lies in the polarization pattern of the reflected light….

György Kriska made a breathtaking one-hour film entitled ‘Polar World’ about his joint environmental optics research with Gábor Horváth: the film will premiere on December 27 on YouTube. The  Polar World  shows how the apparently ridiculous and marginal discovery mentioned in the introduction became extremely important, and by the end of the film we also learn how to save endangered aquatic insects, change the cityscape, build safer bridges and ports, and protect our farm animals from bloodsuckers – or why there are stripes on the zebra.

The announcement also notes that “György Kriska’s peculiar nature films [have] been a delicacy on the market for years.”