Holy Nitpicking, Deepak Chopra Unappreciated, Vulvas for Dummies

This week’s Feedback column (that I write) in New Scientist magazine has three segments. Here’s how they begin:

  1. Holy nitpicking — Nitpicking often draws criticism, but Gérard Lucotte, Areki Izri and Thierry Thomasset didn’t let that deter them from publishing their sixth article in a series of keen looks at some old hairs….
  2. Quantum Spirituality — Feedback was amused that the person who has best demonstrated that quantum is valuable – that the word “quantum” has measurable financial worth – went unmentioned when this year’s Nobel prize in physics was announced to honour research that tested the reality of quantum entanglement. Deepak Chopra has spent decades entangling the word quantum into public discussions of spirituality, happiness and success….
  3. Vulvas for dummies — Matthew J. Zdilla suggested that Feedback take a look at his report called “What is a vulva?”, published recently in the journal Anatomical Science International…..