Sinuhé Perea-Puente joins Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHfC)

Sinuhé Perea-Puente has joined the The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists™ (LFHCfS). He says:

I’m a predoctoral student in Photonics and Nanotechnology at King’s College London, literally trying to see (with light) what is hidden. I like to solve problems, but since I rarely find any solution, preferring to learn and ask. I Graduated in Physics and in Mathematics at University of Oviedo (Spain)  where I was also Computational Assistant at Faculty of Chemistry, and awarded as best national young researcher by CEULAJ & ICMAT (CSIC). My current research focuses on near-field and topological photonics in (lossy) systems and geology, light nano-routing, skyrmions, algebraic number theory (odd perfect numbers conjecture because, remember, even primes are odd), and freshman Economics.

Sinuhé Perea-Puente, LFHCfS
PhD Student — Novel Nanophotonic Phenomena
King’s College London
London, UK