An Insect Photographer Who Is Scared of Insects

Louise Downham interviews someone who, despite and because of his fear of insects, now specializes in photographing them. The interview is in Fstoppers, a publication for readers who purchase photographic equipment. The interview begins:

Terrified of creepy crawlies he may be, but Mofeed Abu-Shalwa has committed his career to photographing and researching tiny creatures. I interviewed him to find out more about his incredible, jewel-like, and award-winning photographs — and how he got over his fear….

New Scientist magazine did a profile of Mofeed Abu-Shalway and the image that brought him acclaim as Luminar Bug Photographer of the Year 2020.

The subject matter may bring thrills and chills to a related group of people: entomologists who are scared of spiders (which, of course, are not insects but are, according to most nontechnical definitions, bugs). Those people were, in a way, honored by the 2020 Ig Nobel Prize for entomology.

(Thanks to Bruce Petschek for bringing this to our attention.)