H-Less Gherkin: “Parsing Sage and Rosemary in Time”

One would do well to know that Gerkin is not a gherkin, if and when one reads the study Parsing Sage and Rosemary in Time: The Machine Learning Race to Crack Olfactory Perception,” by Richard C. Gerkin, Chemical Senses, volume 46, 2021, bjab020.

(Thanks to Scott Langill for bringing this to our attention.)

About the Title

The paper title chosen by Gerkin (who, let there be no doubt about it, is not a gherkin) alludes to this song, which is familiar to generations of older people:

A Pickle

It must not go without mentioning that Gerkin, who has had to go through life with strangers almost immediately making old, too-familiar remarks about pickles, has published at least one paper that specifically mentions a pickle. See table 2 of Gerkin’s 2017 paper “Improved diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease from a detailed olfactory phenotype.”