“The Third Element” Celebrates the Ig Nobel Prizes

The Croatian TV program “Treći Element” [The Third Element], with its 250th jubilee episode, celebrates the Ig Nobel Prizes:

The program describes itself [this is a translation into English]:

The 250th jubilee show of the Third Element has a slightly different edition. We gathered all four presenters to tell us about the Ig Nobel Prize – an alternative Nobel Prize. The Ig Nobel is awarded for, at first glance, funny discoveries that will make people laugh, but also very quickly encourage thinking. The award aims to celebrate unusual, original research that will stimulate the general public’s interest in science, medicine and technology. This way you will find out, among other things, whether cats are liquids, about the synthesis of blue jelly, how much saliva a five-year-old can produce and what is the correlation between the obesity of politicians and corruption. Participants: Martina Manenica, Jelana Šuran, Marko Košiček, Saša Ceci