Word of the week : “Deacquire”

It might be commonly said that we ‘acquire’ knowledge, ‘acquire’ a smartphone, or ‘acquire’ a verruca – in less common parlance is the word ‘deacquire’. It’s traditionally used though, for reasons that are not altogether clear, when referring to museums and their collections.

In the same way as a museum might, for example, ‘acquire’ The Elgin Marbles – it’s also possible to ‘deacquire’ them (i.e. give them back).

Usage example :  Acquisition and Deacquisition of Museum Collections and the Fiduciary Obligations of Museums to the Public (11 Cardozo J. Int’l & Comp. L. 409 (2003-2004) ) by P Gerstenblith.

BONUS [fun activity] Make up phrases which use the word deacquire. (example: “I’m thinking of deacquiring my old lawnmower”)