Podcast Episode #1072: “The Misery of Misophonia”

The Ig Nobel Prizes honor achievements that make people LAUGH, then THINK.

In the Ig Informal Lectures, some days after the ceremony, the new Ig Nobel Prize winners attempt to explain what they did, and why they did it.

In Podcast Episode #1072, Marc Abrahams presents the 2020 Ig Nobel Prize winner for Medicine Damiaan Denys. He and colleagues Nienke Vulink and Arnoud van Loonreceive won the prize for diagnosing a long-unrecognized medical condition: Misophonia, the distress at hearing other people make chewing sounds.

The study:

Misophonia: Diagnostic Criteria for a New Psychiatric Disorder,” Arjan Schroder, Nienke Vulink, and Damiaan Denys, PLoS ONE, vol. 8, no. 1, 2013, e54706.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is Effective in Misophonia: An Open Trial,” Arjan E., Schröder, Nienke C. Vulink, Arnoud J. van Loon, and Damiaan A. Denys, Journal of Affective Disorders, vol. 217, 2017, pp. 289-294.

Seth GliksmanProduction Assistant

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