TONIGHT: Dramatic Improbable Readings Teledistantly

Tonight we’ll do our first-ever-teledistant Improbable Dramatic Readings event, at Arisia, 6 pm US eastern time.

The dramatic readers —Sonya Taafe, Mason Porter, Robin Abrahams, Dean Grodzins, David Kessler— all are always-boffo performers, and the material is of course ace.

We (Improbable Research) plan to do lots more online Dramatic Readings events elsewhere, in adapting to the pandemic era.

The lotsa-people-gathered-in-a-performance-space Dramatic Readings events always worked well. This first re-engineered, teledistant event is, for me, especially fun and exciting, full of little how-will-we-manage-to-do-THAT-particular-aspect mysteries.