Adám Lovas-Kiss, Undersung Scientist

This month’s Undersung Scientist of the Month is Dr. Adám Lovas-Kiss of the DRI Wetland Ecology Research Group of the Centre for Research Ecology (which has been authorized to use the label “Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence”).

Dr. Lovas-Kiss’ is not entirely unsung, just undersung. His work has achieved some fame, much of it from the study “Whole Angiosperms Wolffia columbiana Disperse by Gut Passage Through Wildfowl in South America,” G.G. Silva, A.J. Green, V. Weber, P. Hoffmann, Á. Lovas-Kiss, C. Stenert, and L. Maltchik, Biology Letters, vol. 14, no. 12, 2018, 20180703. The discovery reported in that paper can be summarized in the slogan “Living Duckweed Gets Air Travel Passage by Internal Passage Through Ducks.”

[CAUTION: One must not mistake Dr. Adám Lovas-Kiss with another too-little-sung Dr. Lovas-Kiss: Dr. Antal Lovas-Kiss, author of the study “How dog owners perceive public space when walking their dogs?” published in: Mental Mapping. The Science of Orientation. New Approaches to Location – Spatial Patterns of the Global Economy Conference, Schenk Verlag, Passau, pp. 137-150.]

In the Footsteps of Shit Fun Chew

This is the first time Dr. Adám Lovas-Kiss has been celebrated as Undersung Scientist of the Month. Dr. Lovas-Kiss now has a chance to follow in the tradition of Dr. Shit Fun Chew, who was celebrated as Undersung Scientist of the Month three times—in 2004, again in 2010, and yet gain in 2011.

Dr. Shit Fun Chew was further celebrated in 2012 for her research study about certain turtles peeing-through-the-mouth.