“Try Hard to Be a Baby” [Animal]—a nifty biology book for kids

“Hard, hard to be a baby—Baby animals like you’ve never seen them” is more or less the English translation of the French title of Brooke Barker’s book Dur, dur d’être un bébé—Les bébés animaux comme vous ne les avez jamais vus. The book is full of facts and drawings about many kinds and sizes of baby animals. On a technical level, one could accurately say that the book is full of paper and ink, though not in its ebook version.

Barker also draws and writes the blog Sad Animal Facts, in which the words are mostly in English, though with a generous helping of words presumably from a variety of animal languages.

Barker also drew and wrote the book La tortue qui respirait par les fesses [“The turtle that breathes through its butt”].