How to write a hard-to-resist science headline: Quantum, Coffee

Trinity College Dublin produced a press release, on January 31, 2020, with this headline: Supercomputers help link quantum entanglement to cold coffee“.

The press release is meant to draw attention to a research paper by Marlon Brenes, Silvia Pappalardi [pictured here], John Goold, and Alessandro Silva.

The paper is titled “Multipartite Entanglement Structure in the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis,” and published in the journal Physical Review Letters (2020; 124, 4).

The paper itself does not mention coffee.

UPDATE (May 22): Investigator Mason Porter writes: We’ve got the coffee (well, at least the caffeine) covered: “Spatial Applications of Topological Data Analysis: Cities, Snowflakes, Random Structures, and Spiders Spinning Under the Influence