Recent progress in ‘IKEA catalogue’ studies

The cultural, artistic and linguistic implications (and more) of the IKEA catalogue have not been overlooked by academia. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of some relevant publications over the last 10 years or so.

• Neoliberalism in your living room: A spatial cognitive reading of home design in IKEA catalogue

• Presupposition based on IKEA catalogue 2017 edition [.pdf ]

• Silent IKEA: The Negativity and Politics of Retail Image in the IKEA catalogue

• The IKEA Catalogue: Design fiction in academic and industrial collaborations [.pdf ]

• The Language of Persuasion in Translation: The Cultural Filter in the English and Dutch IKEA Catalogue [.pdf ]

• Female visibility/representation in Saudi Arabia: a critical multimodal/discourse analysis of the 2013 IKEA catalogue and press discourses on Saudi Arabia [.pdf ]

•  Massification, prescription et singularité : le cas du catalogue IKEA : les intérieurs modèles et l’objet sériel : standardisation des singularités et création des circonstances de projection identitaire dans le catalogue IKEA par la mise en pratique des objets [in French] [.pdf ]

And the latest (May 2020) :

• T/V pronouns in global communication practices: The case of IKEA catalogues across linguacultures

The photo is featured in : The IKEA Catalogue: Design fiction in academic and industrial collaborations.
Research research by Martin Gardiner