Improbable Podcast Resurrection / Introducing our Patreon

We are hatching plans to bring the Improbable Research podcast back from the dead! To do that—and more!—we have created a Patreon.

The Improbable Research podcast ran for two years, weekly—a collaboration between us and the CBS Radio network. It was one of CBS’s very first podcasts. It was one of the most fun things we ever did. Alas, when the CBS Radio network dismantled itself, we stopped doing the podcast. Here, below, are little video teasers for four of the old episodes.

We miss doing it. (We podcast regulars—Marc Abrahams, Jean Berko Gleason, Melissa Franklin, Richard Baguley, Nicole Sharp, Chris Cotsapas, etc.—really miss doing it!)

From what we’ve heard, some of you miss hearing it. Many others of you never got the chance to hear it.

Here’s the plan.

We intend to bring back (and maybe re-mix) some of the existing improbable stuff. And make new stuff.

Introducing our Patreon

To fund this, to make it possible, we have created a Patreon.

Our intention, our plan, is to resurrect the best of the old stuff, to create new episodes, and to support our related activities—the Ig Nobel Prizes, the magazine (Annals of Improbable Research), the public events worldwide, and whoknowswhat!

Please join us in our Improbable Research adventuring. We would welcome your support!