Offered for scale: Child and Wombat Gear

Winners of 2019 Ig Nobel Physics Prize showed up to accept the prize, dressed as a wombat, or as pieces of wombat feces (they received the prize for researching and publishing, How Do Wombats Make Cubed Poo?). You might have seen them onstage dressed this way in the ceremony video.

If you were wondering how large those costumes really are – or how easily they pack down for shipping, say in a bag that Delta Airlines would accept – you might appreciate this photo for scale.

Here is Heidi, the daughter of 2-time Ig Nobel Prize winner David Hu, standing next to those costumes packed up.

Heidi Hu

Heidi Hu and wombat themed costumes, photo by D. Kessler 

Their paper was presented at the 71st Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics.

APS vol63 Number13