Improbable Research—special ANIMALS issue

The special ANIMALS issue (volume 25, number 3) of the Annals of Improbable Research is now out and about. It’s packed with improbable research about animals, and parts of animals, and things that animals, some of them, do.

The special section on animals research brings to you:

  • Flies in the Face of Death
  • Animal Odors
  • Animals or Parts in Motion
  • Insights About People and Other Animals
  • Raccoon Cleverness/Orneriness
  • The Orpington Duck Dilemma
  • Head/Neck/Testicles
  • Icky Cutesy: Croc Tears, Zoo in a Corpse
  • Ig and Beyond: A Jackass and a Fish
  • Nominative Determinism: McHorse on Horse Digits
  • Cat Tricks: Delayed Action
  • Dog Habits: Snog and Poo
  • Habit Research: Skunks and Slugs
  • Cats: Cats, Human Emotions and Speech
  • Dogs: Eye Resemblance and the ‘Guilty Look
  • Ig® Nobel Limericks: Chimp Butts, Gorilla Suits

The complete Table of Contents is online, as are several of the articles. And you can (for your edification and joy) buy the entire issue. Or even better, subscribe to the magazine.