How to do the stamp test (for erections) if you can’t purchase stamps

To assess erections, Dr. Susan Lundgren, in this two-minute educational video, tells and shows how to make and use your own perforated stamps, if you can no longer find perforated stamps for sale at the post office:

The Stamp Test

The stamp test is the standard, simple, reliable, inexpensive, quick test for whether a man’s sexual organ is physiological functional.

The stamp test’s inventors were awarded the 2018 Ig Nobel Prize for reproductive medicine. The prize was awarded to John Barry, Bruce Blank, and Michel Boileau, for using postage stamps to test whether the male sexual organ is functioning properly—as described in their study “Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitoring With Stamps.” (You can watch historic video of Drs. Barry, Blank, and Boileau accepting their Ig Nobel Prize.)

Those inventors documented their prize-winning research, in the study “Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitoring With Stamps,” John M. Barry, Bruce Blank, Michael Boileau, Urology, vol. 15, 1980, pp. 171-172.

What Came Before the Stamp Test: Machines

Before the Stamp Test was invented, doctors used more elaborate, expensive, awkward, embarrassing, perhaps less reliable means to try to answer the question of whether a man’s natural equipment still functions. One of those machines is the RigiScan (and a later version, the RigiScan Plus!). The RIgiScan sometimes itself has problems, as Dr. Michael Werner tells and shows in this six-minute educational video: