Danielle Norberg joins Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Social Scientists

Danielle Norberg has joined the Luxuriant Flowing, Former, or Facial Hair Club for Social Scientists™ (LFFFHCfSS). She says:

Some cultures see long hair as part of or as an extension to their sensory system; members of such cultures believe or even experience the loss of important abilities when their hair is cut. For others, their long hair contains their strength. My academic discipline refrains from discounting such beliefs and experiences. So I cannot possibly run the risk of losing my academic or other abilities by ever cutting my hair short. Ergo, for the sake of research and my academic future I must keep my hair as long as possible. Everything else would be irresponsible.

Danielle Norberg, LFHCfS
Graduate student in Literary and Cultural Theory
Eberhard Karls University
Tübingen, Germany