News roundup (except in Boston): Ig Nobel Prizes Tonight!

It’s news everywhere—except in Massachusetts, where it happens.

The 28th First annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony happens tonight, at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts (near Boston), USA. News organizations — everything from the New York Times to the Daily Mail, are alerting their readers to the coming news. TV network news crews are coming from Japan, Russia, and elsewhere, as are the major news wire services, to cover the ceremony.

It’s news everywhere—except locally. No major Boston area newspaper, TV, or radio news organization is going to cover or (probably) even mention the Ig Nobel Prizes. This continues a tradition from most of the 28 years the ceremony has been in existence.

If you have friends in the Boston area, likely they are not aware that the Ig Nobel Prizes exist, or that the event happens locally. If you love your Boston area friends, perhaps you will do them the kindness of alerting them.