When Buttock Implants Shift – and what to do about it (new patent)

“Simply put, any male or female who feels or perceives their buttock size, shape, &/or proportions are not adequate . . .”

– might consider gluteal implants. But gluteal implants, like many other implants, are prone to shifting :

“[…] current implants are unstable and prone to shifting after implantation, which can cause a host of problems for both patients and doctors alike.”

A newly patented method to help prevent gluteal implants from moving from their desired location is provided by Ryan A. Stanton, M.D., Inc. of Beverly Hills, California, US. As may be appreciated by the drawing above, a pair of  implants can be “linked, coupled, attached, [or] leashed” together with a “restraining connector” which makes mal-positioning less likely.

See: US patent 10,004,585, June 26, 2018 Gluteal implants and implant systems