Comparing ‘The Leadership Hubris Epidemic’ and Frontotemporal Dementia

What comparisons might be drawn, if any, between the grotesquely exaggerated, often self-destructive personality traits caused by damage to frontal brain regions and the behaviour of prominent characters in the world of business and politics who are suffering from ‘The Hubris Syndrome’?

Details are provided in Chapter 1 of the 2107 book ‘The Leadership Hubris Epidemic’ [£87.50, Palgrave Books] in which professor Peter Garrard (at St. George’s, University of London) writes that the effects of Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) can be compared with those suffering from Hubris Syndrome (HS) – and who exhibit (amongst other things) :

“Excessive confidence in their own judgment and contempt for the advice or criticism of others” and

“[…] loss of contact with reality; often associated with progressive isolation.”

See: Frontotemporal Dementia: A Clue to the Biological Basis of Hubris Syndrome?

For: a recent example of the multi-billion dollar grief which ‘The Leadership Hubris Epidemic’ can inflict, see: ‘Recklessness, hubris and greed’ – Carillion slammed by MPs (The Guardian, 16 May 2018)

Also: don’t miss The Daedalus Trust which has been drawing attention such things since 2011.

Note: At the time of writing, some extracts of chapter 1 were available here :